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What is Nova Code
Nova code is a language to implement processor instructions, states, and other features planned soon for the NEmulation framework. Right now this project will be worked on separately, then integrated into NEmulation.

Why use Nova?
Instead of writing hard-coded instructions for a processor emulator, you can code Nova scripts to break down instruction logic and use built-in Nova runtime systems. When the CPU emulator runs, the built-in recompiler tools can be used to parse and generate code at runtime based on the Nova script code. This helps to avoid learning how to implement different CPU interpreters/recompilers for each kind of emulator. Nova Code could also be parsed by any other language other than C#. Currently this project only implements a C# parser and code generator.

3rd-Party Sources Included
  • Nova Code / Engine: Copyright © Bryan Perris 2012
  • bsn-goldparser: Copyright 2009, 2010 by Arsène von Wyss -; Supported by Sirius Technologies AG, Basel

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